People often think of moving abroad to any other nation and get permanent citizenship over there. For years, there has been an increase in the number of people who have tried hard to migrate to other countries either for work or studies and also to get married over there with the residentes so that they can get the citizenship too. This process of settling to other countries has been in several tradition for many years. People get allured and attracted to other nation, and thus they wish to settle abroad permanently.

This same thing is happening as well with the foreigners marrying Singaporeans to get permanent residence. Usually, it is often discussed why is it a bad move to go to Singapore and marry there or not considered wise to marry any local citizen of Singapore so that you can settle there. There is no harm to settle in foreign countries. But there are certain rules and guidelines that a person must follow and should follow for a smooth migration and permanent settlement.

However, there are some prevalent mistakes that a person tends to make while he/she thinks that either of them can get away quickly with citizenship just by marrying any foreigner. Unfortunately, this is undoubtedly not the case as there are several steps that one needs to go through before getting citizenship of a foreign country, especially a sought after one in a country such as Singapore. It is after all ranked top 3 as the best place to live in.

This is what you need to do

Singapore it is a globalised country, despite being just an island 2/3 the size of New York City . Researchers say that almost 4 out of 10 people are “not” a citizen of Singapore. It means that there are indeed thousands of people that had decided to settle in Singapore. Generally what people do is that they try to get married to a local in Singapore. This also means that this process is not uncommon. In typical cases, people think that they can get PR/citizenship almost immediately after marriage. But it takes more than just getting married to a Singaporean. In other words, marrying a Singaporean is not your only key to the lock.

Marrying someone and to have a life together is a decision to make. One have to think of various factors from buying a home to finances to future family planning. Here, we will be discussing the things you have to keep in mind in case you are willing to marry a Singaporean, being a foreigner.

Don’t think that simply marrying a resident of Singapore automatically makes you one. It doesn’t help if you had been staying longer either. Nothing is automatic, you have to apply for the permanent residence as well as for a longer stay. The process might take some time.

How to do that?

The idea of moving and getting married and then settling in Singapore, though it is widespread and surely doesn’t work for a long-term staying. To get a clearer picture of getting a long-term stay in Singapore, even before you get its permanent residence, is that, you need to ask your spouse to first get an immigration check and a clearance from the checkpoint authority of “pre-marriage long-term visit assessment.”

This is the very stage of how to get Singapore PR. You will get a pre-marriage long-term visit pass assessment authority’s permission for your long-term stay in Singapore. This step has been introduced by the authorities so that the couples can have a better understanding of their long-term settlement and a better picture and clarity in planning their future together. This will also encourage the couples to take the right step for a better future ahead because simply considering that marrying a Singaporean is sufficient is entirely incorrect.

If your spouse is assessed by ICA to be eligible for Long-Term Visit Pass, he/she will receive a Letter of Eligibility before your marriage is solemnised. This letter is valid for only one year and can be used to support their application for an extension in the Letter of Eligibility after marriage.

Couples who didn’t applied for an LLE can still opt for an LTVP once they get married. However, they will have to face a more extended period of time against those who have already applied for LLE. This can be a longer processing time of about six months or more.

The couples are then required to attend a few marriage preparation programs so that they can be aware of the cover roles and the expectation that the Ministry have from them. This program helps them to get a better understanding as a couple thus avoiding the inherent arising cross-cultural conflicts.

MOM or the Ministry of Manpower will appear later in the picture while issuing LOC (Letter of Consent) to the non-resident spouse along with a letter of eligibility when they get a job. It simply states that the foreigner will no longer be considered in the foreign worker quota and their employers need not to pay any leverage of being a foreigner while they are working in Singapore.

Requirements for getting married in Singapore

1. You need to have an eligible passport.
2. A long-term visa is required which can be converted into a dependent visa, later on, after your marriage.
3. You also need to have at least two eye-witnesses in your application for getting married and settling there.

Besides this, other various formalities need to be duly completed by any foreign person and a non-resident of Singapore after as well as before the marriage to stay for a longer period and to become a permanent resident.


Most of the people think that by marrying a Singaporean, they will automatically get a PR, but it’s their misconception. To stay long-term, there are several things which they have to do. We have tried to make the things more evident in this article. There are many legal and immigration portals that can help learning about the process, one of which is the Singapore Legal & Immigration Consultancy. You can follow SLIC’s Twitter as they have constant updates on legal & immigration issues.

Of course, the best option is to get in touch directly with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority and enquire on how you can proceed to get married and avail the PR. Just be prepared to be kept on-hold on the phone and it can really take ages. Following all the rules and laws, you will soon be husband-wife and will even become a permanent resident.

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